TradeMark Registration in India

TradeMark Registration in India


Be a Legal Owner of your Brand 

  • TradeMark for Brand Name ( Word Mark) or Logo or Both
  • Our Pricing starts @ Rs 6000/- including Govt Fee.
  • Filing Process takes One day | Use TM Mark on success filing
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TradeMark Registration Fee in India

Trademark online Registration Process in India

Connect with Trademark Govt. Agent
Only Government registered Trademark agent can file application online. which is cost effective ( save fee Rs 500/1000) and speedy process
TradeMark Registration in India
Application Filing
Application for registration is to be made online by Agent
TradeMark Registration in India
Attach Documents
attach all documents, power of attorney, etc with this application
TradeMark Registration in India
Payment of Fee
Govt. Fee payable online
TradeMark Registration in India
Once Application drafting completed, Next step to submit.
TradeMark Registration in India
Registration Certificate
Once authority approved the application, A Registration CErtificate is issued. This Complete process takes approx one year.

Documents requirements for TradeMark registration

  1. Certificate of Incorporation ( IF Company/LLP)
  2. ID / Address proof – Utility Bill/GST Regn. ( IF Firm/Prop. Business)
  3. Startup India DIPP Certificate or MSME Registration Certificate ( Optional – for Fee Concession)
  4. Power of Attorney on stamp paper ( Format we provide) ( on Rs 10 Rupees Stamp Paper)
  5. Affidavit ( Optional – in case you need Trademark from back dated) ( Format we provide) ( on Rs 10 Rupees Stamp Paper)
  6. A Short Description about Business Activities & Trademark Purpose
  7. Logo &/or Brand Name

Our Service Package Inclusion

First, Get Consultation from our Trademark Consultant / Trademark Agent to know the eligibility requirements, documents and process of registration.
Search Availability
Before filing application, we search availability of proposed Trademark and make ensure proposed trademark is not similar or identical to an existing registered trademark. Accordingly we suggest client.
Prepare all Documents
Online Application Filing
Next step we file Application online and pay Govt. fees and get the Acknowledgement immediately.
Status Update
We Track the application status and update Client time to time.
Registration Certificate
Once authority accepts the Application and all formalities completed by authority and applicant, Registration Certificate is Issued.

Lifecycle of Trademark Application

Trademark Application and Registration Process

How to check Trademark Application Status online?

  • Open IPR Website is TradeMark Registrar Website in India.
    Click on
  • Enter Application No. Select ‘Trademark Application’ followed by .’National/IRDI Number’ and put the Application number and Submit
  • Find Status You can find there status report online along with all submission details and from there you can download all submitted files.

What are the Meaning of different Symbol – TM, SM, (R )

Trademark Symbol ‘TM’
The mark ‘TM’ is just an indication that you are using the mark or the name as your trade name of the product.
To protect the interest and claim the prior use in Trade Mark, generally people in India using ‘TM’ from the date of filing an application for the registration of Trademark till its registration.
Trade Mark Act, 1999 does not provide any provision for using ‘TM’. But American Trade Mark Laws do provide for the same. It is suggestible to use ‘TM’ to establish your prior right over the product trade name.
Trademark Symbol ‘SM’
‘SM’ stands for Service Mark. Service marks are marks that represent services. So for example, I’m XYZ Legal Firm. I offer legal services. It’s a service mark.
Trademark Symbol ‘(R)’

Whereas the mark ‘(R)’ indicates the general public that the trade name / mark you are using is a registered trademark.
Usage of ‘(R)’ for unregistered trademarks is a criminal offence.

Trademark Registration Classes for Products and Services

  1.  Class 1 : Chemicals which are used in industry, photography, forestry, unprocessed artificial resins, Tanning and adhesive substances etc.
  2.  Class 2: Paintings, coals & pigmentation, lacquers, mordants, printing, and art etc.
  3.  Class 3 : Cleaning products, cosmetics, bleach and abrasives, laundry products, essential oils etc.
  4.  Class 4 : Fuels, industrial oil, greases, illuminates, wetting and binding compositions, fuels, wicks etc.
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